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BMS on a Chip: Eatron Technologies & Syntiant Introduce AI-Powered Solution

New chip combines advanced AI and low-power processing to improve and ease the integration of battery management for diverse applications.

Michael C. Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, Battery Technology

June 14, 2024

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AI-powered BMS on a chip
AI-powered BMS on a chipEatron Technologies

Eatron Technologies and Syntiant, developers, respectively, of battery management and edge AI, have announced a breakthrough system-on-chip. This collaboration addresses battery performance and safety challenges across light mobility, industrial, and consumer electronics.

The new AI-BMS-on-chip, featuring Eatron’s Intelligent Software Layer and Syntiant’s ultra-low power Neural Decision Processor, delivers a turnkey solution that is integration-friendly. It can unlock 10% additional capacity and extend battery lifespan by up to 25%, significantly reducing time-to-market. The optimized design combines high performance and efficiency in a cost-effective package.

Eatron’s pre-trained models provide highly accurate assessments of state-of-health, state-of-charge, and remaining useful life, maximizing available power. Predictive diagnostics can detect potential battery issues early, enhancing safety.

Key benefits of the system are:

  • Enhanced Performance: Maximizes available battery power with precise state of charge and health estimation.

  • Improved Safety: Predictive diagnostics detect issues early, preventing failures and ensuring safe operation.

  • Increased Longevity: Extends battery lifespan through efficient management of battery health and usage.

On-the-edge operations

The AI-BMS-on-chip leverages the efficient processing power of Syntiant’s NDP120 to operate on the edge, meaning it can perform real-time analysis and decision-making directly on the device. This on-the-edge operation eliminates the need for complex cloud infrastructure, reducing costs, latency, and power consumption.


The plug-and-play solution offers enhancements in performance, safety, and longevity for a wide range of battery-powered applications, including consumer electronics, e-bikes, micro LCVs, and forklifts. It can be customized through a user-friendly toolchain to optimize each application, while existing BMS hardware can be easily upgraded to benefit from its best-in-class performance.

Fruits of collaboration

Eatron Technologies and Syntiant have been collaborating since 2022, combining their expertise in battery management systems (BMS) and AI technologies.

“With AI-BMS-on-chip, we will enable any battery-powered application to be deployed in the millions in complete safety while maximizing energy use,” stated Amedeo Bianchimano, Chief Product Delivery Officer at Eatron Technologies.

Mallik P. Moturi, Chief Business Officer at Syntiant Corp., added, “Our NDP120 allows Eatron software to process all the data on the edge for batteries, enhancing battery life, safety, and performance. This makes it perfect for everything from consumer electronics to commercial vehicles.”

Note: Eatron and Syntiant will demonstrate the AI-BMS-on-chip at The Battery Show Europe 2024 from June 18th-20th at Messe Stuttgart, Germany.

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