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7 North American Battery Factory Projects Since 2023

This last year has seen an influx of investment into North American battery manufacturing.

Jake Hertz

May 13, 2024

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Across North America, a noticeable increase in the number and capacity of battery factories is underway, with major automakers and battery manufacturers announcing new facilities or expanding existing ones.

The investment influx is primarily motivated by the global push towards decarbonization and the increasing adoption of electric vehicles. Governments are setting ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions, with many planning to phase out internal combustion engines. This shift is underscored by stringent environmental regulations and public policy support, pushing automakers to pivot towards EV production and, by extension, increase their demand for high-capacity, efficient batteries.

Within this, a key accelerant of this growth is the Inflation Reduction Act, which offers robust incentives for clean energy initiatives, including substantial grants, tax breaks, and subsidies specifically aimed at enhancing domestic battery production and related technologies. These incentives are designed to boost energy independence and establish leadership in the global EV market.

The economic rationale is compelling. The EV market is rapidly expanding, and establishing a local battery supply chain is critical for reducing manufacturing costs and dependency on foreign battery suppliers, particularly from Asia. By localizing battery production, companies can improve supply chain resilience, reduce transportation costs, and benefit from government incentives like those provided by the Inflation Reduction Act.

The strategic shift is also influenced by geopolitical considerations. With the majority of battery production currently concentrated in China, North America’s increased investment in battery capacity is partly driven by the desire to mitigate supply chain risks and enhance geopolitical security.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at seven of the most notable battery manufacturing projects that have been announced since 2023. Read on to learn about seven North American Battery Factory Projects Since 2023.

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Jake Hertz

Jake Hertz is an Electrical Engineer, Technical Writer, and Public Relations Specialist. After he received his M.S. and B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Rochester, he spent three years working as an Electrical Engineer at MakerBot Industries. 

As a writer, Jake is well known for his frequent contributions to various engineering websites, where he has garnered readership in the tens of thousands. Through his business, NanoHertz Solutions, Jake works with cutting-edge companies in the hardware and semiconductor space to build industry buzz and awareness through Public Relations and Technical Writing services.

As an engineer, Jake now works with numerous startups to help develop their hardware products. He is also a Co-Founder of Origin Labs, a NYC-based design firm for tech startups in the hardware space.

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