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Churod Introduces Power Relays for EV Charging

Churod CHDR-L (300x300) copy.jpg
Latching DC relays to 10kW for communications power supplies and battery charging stations.

 Churod Electronics is excited to introduce the CHDR-L and CHC series of latching DC relays.  Designed for power switching in 5G telecom power supplies, these power relays are a natural fit for EV charging piles and battery charging base stations as well.  The secret sauce is Churod’s proprietary latching system which allows power switching with no continuous coil power consumption.  The integrated auxiliary contact allows the user to ensure the relay’s state before passing the load.  External magnets aid in arc-extinguishing for extended life and consistent performance.

The larger platform CHDR-L offers three versions providing switching loads of [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]  The more compact platform CHC wields contact ratings of [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]  To meet the environmental and safety needs across many applications, the CHDR-L is a sealed, PCB relay with a position-monitoring auxiliary contact.  Loads can be passed without concern for polarity, thus bi-directional charging applications are perfect for the CHDR-L and CHC.  Dual contact design gives the relay has a high short circuit resistance (10kA when used with SPCD breaker) offering protection against external surges such as lightning strikes.  “The CHDR-L and CHC are the results of years of research and development in DC power switching and relay latching systems.” says Todd La Londe, Director of Churod Americas.  “Power switching and battery charging systems have new champions in the CHDR-L and CHC.”

Churod Electronics is a leading manufacturer of relays for appliance, automotive, industrial, and new energy applications.  With a focus on relays for green energy products, Churod designs cutting-edge solutions for solar, battery, and high voltage DC systems.  Churod has four manufacturing campuses in China along with offices and sales support around the world.  At Churod, “Everything we do is for our customers’ advantage.”

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