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8 Technologies That Keep Electric Vehicles Humming

Gallery-8 Technologies That Keep Electric Vehicles Humming

The more you know, the better prepared you will be for electrification. Here are 8 technologies that keep electric vehicles going.

In a gasoline engine, all of the parts must work together for it to run smoothly. In an electric vehicle (EV), there are a host of technologies that must complement each other to make electrification a practical choice.

Even if you know how a gasoline engine works, EVs bring a whole new set of components, and a different language to describe them. If you are shopping for an EV or might be in the near future, it could be helpful to know what the different pieces and systems do in a modern electric vehicle. If you are looking for a job in the EV sector, knowing the language will be a real benefit.

Here are eight of the major parts that make up an EV. Reading about them won’t provide you with a degree in electrical engineering, but it might help you understand different aspects of the technology.

Let’s start with the battery.

Kevin Clemens is a Senior Editor with Battery Technology.

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