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Eaton Solidifies Electrical Connector Supplies with Royal Power Solutions Acquisition

Article-Eaton Solidifies Electrical Connector Supplies with Royal Power Solutions Acquisition

Royal Power Systems High Power Lock Box Square 8 Beam Connector System[90] copy.jpg
A Royal Power high-power lock box square 8-beam connector system.
This positions Eaton to capitalize on electrification trends across multiple high-growth markets, especially electric vehicles.

While semiconductors, motors, actuators, and batteries get most of the attention, those electric components all depend on wiring to connect them. And that wiring itself must be fastened to each device.

As the automotive industry electrifies, it places more demand on these often-overlooked components, so supplier Eaton has bought Royal Power Solutions, a Carol Stream, Illinois-based manufacturer of high-precision electrical connectivity components used in electric vehicle, energy management, industrial and mobility markets, for $600 million.

“Growth opportunities tied to the electrification of our economy are accelerating, and Eaton is fully participating through our mobility and electrical businesses,” said Heath Monesmith, president and chief operating officer, Industrial Sector, Eaton. “And the addition of Royal Power Solutions enhances our ability to capitalize on this secular growth trend across our eMobility, aerospace, and electrical businesses. We are excited to welcome Royal Power Solutions to Eaton.”

Royal Power Solutions has approximately 450 employees and manufacturing facilities in Carol Stream, Illinois, and Queretaro, Mexico, along with a sales and engineering office in Canton, Michigan. Its key products include battery terminals, busbars, and high-power lock boxes for battery/power electronics systems, busbars, connectors, and terminals for high-voltage connections, and a variety of bandolier pins, battery terminals, and eyelet terminals for other applications. The company can also do injection molding and precision stamping.

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