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Welcome to National Drive Electric Week: An Event That Advocates for EVs

Article-Welcome to National Drive Electric Week: An Event That Advocates for EVs

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The 11th annual National Drive Electric Week is one way to promote the advantages of EVs.

The time for electric vehicles (EVs) has arrived. With more models available and carmakers finally building the EVs that the public wants to buy, interest in electrification has never been stronger. EVs are the focus of the 11th annual National Drive Electric Week—more than 204 in-person and online events in 43 states, as well as Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand, all taking place from September 25 through October 3, 2021.

Attendees of the event will have the opportunity to test drive various models of EVs, talk to EV owners, see vehicles on display, and learn about the latest in EV technology. With a recently proposed $174 billion in funding for transportation electrification, the world of EVs is set to become more widespread and accessible.

Among the hundreds of events that will take place, in Wichita, guests can talk to EV owners, test electric bicycles, see one of the city’s electric buses, and meet the entire Wichita city council. (Saturday, October 2; 1 to 4 pm CDT) while a free online event, available to all, will explore the fun of electric bikes, motorcycles, and other modes of small e-mobility, as well as public transit, zero-emission buses, rail, car-sharing, and autonomous vehicles—and how we all share the road. (Saturday, September 25, 11 am to 1 pm PDT/2 to 4 pm EDT)

“Americans are more excited about EVs and have more options than ever before,” said Joel Levin, executive director of Plug In America, one of the event’s sponsors. “EVs cost less to fuel and maintain, are more fun to drive, and reduce air pollution in our communities. National Drive Electric Week is the perfect time to learn more about the many benefits of this exciting technology.”

“National Drive Electric Week provides an opportunity for anyone curious about EVs to learn what all the excitement is about,” said April Bolduc, president of the Electric Auto Association. “Our 100+ chapters and thousands of volunteers are ready to answer questions about the types of EVs available, charging at home and on the road, and incentives that can reduce the cost of the vehicles.”

“Electric vehicles can provide a cleaner and greener transportation future that helps address health, environmental, workforce, and economic disparities, particularly for underrepresented communities that have been severely impacted by pollution-emitting vehicles,” said Terry Travis, co-founder of EVHybridNoire. “National Drive Electric Week helps to realize that vision by providing a venue for people of all backgrounds to discover the EV experience.”

“Communities across the nation are suffering from climate disasters and our polluting cars and trucks are the worst offenders in the US when it comes to emissions — making the need for clean vehicles more critical than ever,” said Hieu Le, campaign representative with the Sierra Club. “National Drive Electric Week plays a major role in local communities to educate people about electric vehicles, allowing people to learn from EV owners directly and to ask questions about incentives and rebates, charging, and more.”

National Drive Electric Week is presented by Plug In America, Electric Auto Association, Sierra Club, and the newest national organizer, EVHybridNoire. Nissan and Wells Fargo are Platinum Level Sponsors, ClipperCreek and Electrify America are Silver Level Sponsors, Edison International and Enel X are Bronze Level Sponsors, and IBEW 11 is a Green Level Sponsor.

Kevin Clemens is a Senior Editor with Battery Technology.

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