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The Future Looks Solid: 7 Recent Solid-State Battery Developments

Gallery-The Future Looks Solid: 7 Recent Solid-State Battery Developments

Dr. Anatoliy Senyshyn at the SPODI powder diffractometer at FRM II.
Solid-state battery technology has gained some serious momentum in the past year.

The electric vehicle industry is currently scrambling to find the next-generation technology that will enable EVs with greater range than what's currently possible. Within this hunt, the solid-state battery has emerged as a promising solution to enable future EVs with greater energy capacity and range. 

As a testament to this, companies like Nio have announced the introduction of solid-state batteries into their vehicle, with the result being ranges reaching up to almost 600 miles on a single charge. At the same time, players like Toyota have also made significant waves in the industry, announcing that solid-state technology will bring their next-generation EVs to ranges over 600 miles. 

And it's not only the automotive industry that stands to benefit: As we've reported, solid-state battery makers are finding surprising applications

While solid-state batteries have an incredible amount of promise, there are still significant challenges that need to be solved before solid-state batteries can achieve their full potential. Concerns over manufacturability, safety, lifespan, and sustainability all plague the solid-state battery industry at the moment. Still, the promise of solid-state batteries far outweighs the challenges, leading many in the industry to push on through.

To address these issues and push solid-state batteries firmly into the mainstream, many have been investing heavily in the technology. Between academic studies, government-sponsored research initiatives, and pushes for commercialization by automotive OEMs, there is no doubt that the solid-state battery industry is gaining some serious momentum.

In this piece, we'll take a look at seven recent news highlights surrounding solid-state batteries to get a better understanding of the state of the technology and where the industry is headed. Read on to learn about seven solid-state battery developments that have the future looking solid.

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