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7 Exciting Portable Battery-Powered Devices

Gallery-7 Exciting Portable Battery-Powered Devices

These novel devices are breathing new life into what’s possible with a portable battery.

While the battery industry is often heavily focused on high-power applications like electric vehicles, the application of batteries stretches far beyond this. Instead, portable battery-powered devices, such as smartphones and wearables, are some of the most important pieces of technology on the market today. They make possible exciting contributions to human health, communication, transportation—and, of course, fun.

Naturally, the industry has no shortage of developments in these field, with startups continually churning out the next great battery-powered device. Following are new and wide-ranging examples of portable battery-powered devices that truly showcase the creativity of modern inventors and engineers—and the potential that batteries have for our world.

Read on to see seven of them.

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