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7 Companies Tackling Battery Recycling

Gallery-7 Companies Tackling Battery Recycling

The interior of Aqua Metals’ AquaRefining Pilot.
These companies are trying to bring sustainability to the battery industry through new battery recycling techniques.

The transition to renewable energy and electric mobility has led to a surge in the demand for batteries, particularly lithium-ion batteries. As this demand continues to grow, so does the need for responsible and sustainable practices in the production, use, and disposal of batteries. The spotlight is now on battery recycling, a critical aspect of the global push toward a more sustainable and circular economy.

One major driver for battery recycling is helping prevent e-waste buildup in our landfills. Consisting of highly toxic chemicals and materials, batteries in landfills end up having deleterious impacts on the surrounding soil and the environment as a whole.

Beyond waste management and preventing toxic landfill, battery recycling has an impact on a much deeper level. Battery recycling is a complex process that involves the recovery of valuable metals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, and copper. By recovering these materials from existing batteries, organizations can create a closed-loop circular supply chain in which materials can be reused in future batteries. In this way, recycling helps in reducing the environmental impact and dependence on mining for new battery materials.

In this piece, we’ll explore some of the major players in the global battery recycling industry and some of the recent news surrounding many of them. Through their innovative approaches, technological advancements, and strategic collaborations, these companies are not only tackling the challenges of battery recycling but also setting new standards for the industry. Read on to learn about seven companies tackling battery recycling.

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