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9 Fastest-Charging Electric Vehicles of 2023

These 9 vehicles recharge their batteries and get drivers back on the road faster than their competition.

Jake Hertz

September 15, 2023

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The rapid adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is a pivotal moment in automotive history. However, for EVs to fully realize their potential and achieve mass adoption, they must overcome a critical hurdle: charging speed.

The need for fast charging is not merely a convenience but a necessity, especially as the world grapples with the urgency of climate change and seeks sustainable transportation alternatives. This article aims to delve into the intricacies of EV charging speeds, comparing various models on the market and examining the technological advancements that make these speeds possible.

The concept of "range anxiety," the fear that an electric vehicle will run out of charge before reaching its destination, has been a significant deterrent for potential EV buyers. While advancements in battery technology have led to increased ranges, the speed at which these batteries can be recharged remains a crucial factor. After all, what good is a 400-mile range if it takes hours to recharge?

To address this, automakers and tech companies are investing heavily in fast-charging technologies. We've moved from the early days of Level 1 chargers, which used a standard household outlet and took an impractical 8-12 hours for a full charge, to more advanced Level 2 and DC fast chargers. Level 2 chargers, often found in homes and public charging stations, can fully charge an EV in 4-6 hours. However, the real game-changer is DC fast charging, which can charge most of today's EVs up to 80% in under 30 minutes.

Charging speed is dependent on more than the charger being used, of course. Some EVs can be charged more quickly than others. Recently, Top Speed compiled a list of the fastest-charging EVs on the market in 2023. In this piece, we’ll take a look at the 9 fastest charging EV offerings from this list to better understand what’s out there on the market. Read on to learn about the 9 Fastest Charging Electric Vehicles in 2023.

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Jake Hertz

Jake Hertz is an Electrical Engineer, Technical Writer, and Public Relations Specialist. After he received his M.S. and B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Rochester, he spent three years working as an Electrical Engineer at MakerBot Industries. 

As a writer, Jake is well known for his frequent contributions to various engineering websites, where he has garnered readership in the tens of thousands. Through his business, NanoHertz Solutions, Jake works with cutting-edge companies in the hardware and semiconductor space to build industry buzz and awareness through Public Relations and Technical Writing services.

As an engineer, Jake now works with numerous startups to help develop their hardware products. He is also a Co-Founder of Origin Labs, a NYC-based design firm for tech startups in the hardware space.

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