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Battle of the Battery Packs: Tesla Model 3 vs BYD Han

A China teardown video contrasts BYD’s Blade battery pack and Tesla’s 2170 pack.

Michael C. Anderson

August 2, 2023

BYD-Tesla tweet.jpg
Screen capture of Twitter video: https://twitter.com/CharlesWBoy/status/1685668052120346631

A twitter user in China has shared a video that compares the Blade battery used in the BYD Han and the 2170 battery pack of the Tesla Model 3. These two EVs are major rivals in China, and it’s an interesting look at how very different battery designs can be found under their respective hoods. The sizes are about the same, the host notes, but that’s about it.

It's worth noting that BYD’s Blade battery pack more closely resembles Tesla’s 4680 structural battery pack than the older 2170 battery units featured in the teardown. Nonetheless, the Tesla battery holds its own in the comparison.

For example, the host (“Charles”) notes the difference in the batteries’ cooling systems. The BYD Han's battery incorporates a cooling water plate affixed to the upper surface of the battery cells. The teardown presenter likened the BYD Han's cooling approach to placing a cold water bottle against one's cheek on a hot day. In contrast, he said, the Tesla Model 3's battery cooling resembles drinking ice-cold water on a scorching day. His choice of analogy makes it clear that the latter approach is the better one.

Here's the video:

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