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The Hottest New Cars of CES 2022

As befits CES, they are all electric vehicles, but they bring a wide variety of ideas to their technology.

Dan Carney, Senior Editor

January 11, 2022

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Time was when Sony rolled into the Consumer Electonics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to show off its latest Trinitron CRT television and Betavision VCR technology. Now the consumer electronics colossus has pivoted to electric vehicles (could apply to either Sony or CES, actually), with the exhibit of a pair of electric cars.

While Sony, along with the likes of Apple and Apple contract supplier Foxconn, is elbowing into the car market, the legacy carmakers are well along their journeys to becoming tech companies.

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They brought out some amazing advances, like the shape-shifting Mercedes-Benz EQXX that optimizes its aerodynamic form.

BMW has developed a cloaking device for the the iX, letting it change colors so that it can seem to disappear when changing from white to black.


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