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New Bosch Battery Repair for Toyota & Lexus: Replace Modules

Explore Bosch's high-voltage battery repair set, an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution for Toyota and Lexus hybrid models with outworn modules.

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October 25, 2023

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Federal Motor Transport Authority has granted a general operating license for the use of the high-voltage battery repair set.Courtesy of Bosch

Over time, the performance of high-voltage batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles decreases as their modules wear out or become faulty. Generally, the complete battery system is replaced once the traction battery’s storage capacity has become too low. This is a very costly process. While replacing individual modules that are faulty or outworn is possible and less expensive, there is always the risk of the battery system breaking down again. However, a repair using the Bosch high-voltage battery repair set replaces all the traction battery’s nickel-metal hydride modules. All the remaining components of the battery system, such as housing, blower, and electronics, are left in place. With its new high-voltage battery repair set, Bosch is now offering a solution for selected hybrid models made by Toyota and Lexus that is simple, reasonably priced, and above all, conserves resources.

The entire repair set comes with a five-year warranty. There is no need for a special inspection following the battery repair, as the repair set has passed all the tests set by the vehicle registration authorities and has been granted a general operating license by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

Market launch in Germany and selected European markets

Starting in the fall of 2023, Bosch will initially be offering its high-voltage battery repair set for the Toyota Prius III, the Toyota Yaris, and the Lexus CT 200h in Germany. It is expected that the repair set for the Toyota Auris will be approved in the fall of 2024. Finally, the Bosch solution for replacing high-voltage battery modules is also to be launched in other European countries.

Bosch repair set for high-voltage battery modules.jpg

Installation of repair set reserved for level 3 high-voltage experts

The work of replacing the modules starts by removing the high-voltage battery system from the vehicle. Once the module carrier plate and other components have been removed, the old modules can be replaced with the new nickel-metal hydride modules from the repair set. The battery is then reassembled and reinstalled in the vehicle. No vehicle-specific tools are required for this work. By including the repair of high-voltage batteries in their portfolio, workshops can add another string to their bow in the important electromobility market. However, the repair set for high-voltage batteries can only be installed by workshop associates who have completed level 3 high-voltage training. The Bosch Service Training Center offers product-specific installation courses as well as courses working on live systems leading to a qualification as a high-voltage expert.


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