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NYC's New Fast-Charging Oasis Unleashes Unbelievable Speeds

Gravity's mind-blowing EV charging tech laps Tesla’s superchargers—and is open to the public in Manhattan.

Michael C. Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, Battery Technology

March 7, 2024

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EVs charging at Gravity's charging center
A line of EVs charge at Gravity's midtown Manhattan charging centerCredit: Gravity Mobility

When charging infrastructure startup Gravity Mobility announced the capabilities of its compact EV charging system, it sounded too good to be true. Skeptical followers of charging technology first thought that here must be another case of amazing laboratory-bound results that won’t necessarily be able to make the transition to the harsh real world. (Well, at least one follower did.)

But in October of last year, UL Solutions certified the company’s 500kW EV chargers. And this week, the company held the grand opening of its Midtown Manhattan EV charging center, where, EV drivers, 24 at a time, can check out the technology for themselves.

Unprecedented charging power

Gravity has unveiled a charging technology that seems straight out of the realms of science fiction. Capable of charging at a rate of 2,400 miles per hour, Gravity's breakthrough offers EV owners 200 miles of range in just five minutes. This game-changing advancement not only outpaces competitors, including Tesla, but also defies the limitations of traditional charging infrastructure.

Gravity's 500kW Distributed Energy Access Points (DEAPs) are compact, yet they pack an incredible punch, fitting seamlessly within existing parking spaces. The innovation eliminates the need for additional space or infrastructure upgrades, making it a scalable solution for EV charging across the nation.

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UL-certified capabilities

Gravity's charging systems have been officially certified by UL Solutions, a global authority in applied safety science. Achieving the UL 2202 safety standard certification for Direct Current (DC) Charging Equipment for Electric Vehicles, Gravity's 500kW setup is the first of its kind to receive this recognition.

UL Solutions rigorously tested and validated six chargers and two power cabinets, evaluating aspects such as power verification, material durability, safeguards, stability, and proper mounting procedures. This certification not only underscores the safety and performance of Gravity's technology but also positions it as a trailblazer in the EV charging sector.

Milan Dotlich, VP and General Manager of UL Solutions' Energy and Industrial Automation Group, expressed pride in their role in meeting the increasing demand for elevated power and swift EV charging rates. The certification serves as a testament to Gravity's commitment to excellence in EV infrastructure.

NYC's fastest charging center now open to the public

This week marks a turning point for the company and its tech as Gravity's flagship Midtown Manhattan EV charging center is now open to the public. Situated at 401 West 42nd Street, the facility boasts 24 of Gravity's 500kW charging systems, ready to showcase the unmatched charging speeds to all EV owners and major fleet operators.

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Gravity's Midtown Manhattan location is not meant to be just a charging station; it's a demonstration of a clean, efficient, and flexible electricity network where EV owners have control of their power. Bidirectional-ready, Gravity's DEAPs are engineered to send battery power back to the building and grid, further contributing to a sustainable energy ecosystem.

The charging experience is designed to be user-friendly, convenient, and cost-effective, surpassing traditional gas stations. With charging available seven days a week, on-site attendants, and tap-and-go payment for on-demand charging supplementing those charging speeds, Gravity's charging center aims to redefine the EV charging landscape.

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