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PXiSE Energy Solutions to Provide Microgrid Controller to Rove’s EV Charging Centers

The controller will manage complex sites that leverage solar PV and sizeable battery storage to power dozens of EV charging centers

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July 13, 2023

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rove-charging station.jpg
Rendering of a Rove charging station. Using the PXiSE controller, Rove’s charging centers will gain the ability to autonomously island from the grid, keeping EVs charged even if power is interrupted.Image courtesy of PXiSE Energy Solutions

Grid controls provider PXiSE Energy Solutions today announced its Microgrid Controller has been selected by Rove, a full-service charging center operator in Southern California, to manage power flow at Rove’s centers which will start opening later this year.

Rove will use battery storage and onsite solar to allow electric vehicles (EVs) to continue charging at its centers during a grid power outage for several hours, a feature enabled and autonomously managed by PXiSE’s Microgrid Controller.

With this collaboration:

  • PXiSE is bringing its grid controller tech to a facility that pairs Level 3 EV chargers with a lounge, market, carwash, and outdoor space.

  • Rove’s charging centers will gain the ability to autonomously island from the grid, keeping EVs charged even if power is interrupted.

  • The Microgrid Controller will be installed at dozens of Rove’s centers across Southern California.

  • The PXiSE Controller, which has already demonstrated its EV applications for fleet vehicles in Martha’s Vineyard, will now help power private vehicles.

“These kinds of collaborations where PXiSE’s easily configurable products are adopted and implemented by clean energy developers such as Rove, are where we see huge potential.” Tim Allen, PXiSE President & CEO, stated. “Our customers recognize that by using PXiSE’s software to unify and automate control of solar PV, batteries, and electric vehicle charging, they can eliminate a lot of complexity in managing multiple distributed energy resources at a single site.”

“We’re thankful for the team at PXiSE and their commitment to helping us build a better EV charging experience in Southern California,” stated Nathan McDonnell, CEO of Rove. “This advanced controller will allow us to better leverage renewable energy from the California grid and Rove’s onsite solar to provide more affordable, sustainable, and reliable charging to Rove customers.”

Running patented technology, the PXiSE Microgrid Controller provides an advanced, adaptable, and reliable software-based solution that supports a diversity of site resources, loads, and use cases. For Rove’s centers, it will manage the point of interconnection with the utility to a net-zero export while also managing the facility’s generation capability. While the first of Rove's sites will see PXiSE’s controller deployed in Southern California, the advanced Microgrid Controller can readily be deployed worldwide, wherever a complex microgrid is needed.

About PXiSE Energy Solutions

PXiSE, a member of the Yokogawa Group, develops next-generation grid control technology that empowers utilities, developers, and asset owners to manage their energy resources and energy delivery more reliably and efficiently with renewable power plant controls, distributed energy resource management systems, and microgrid controllers. PXiSE’s grid controls platform unlocks the potential of distributed generation to improve grid reliability and increase renewable energy output while helping to achieve the harmony of resilience, safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. For more information, visit www.pxise.com.

About Rove

Rove is a full-service charging station operator in Southern California on a mission to make charging electric vehicles (EV) fast, safe, and reliable. Using a customer-centric approach, Rove plans to build EV charging stations that transform EV charging and encourage EV ownership. Each location will host more than 40 direct-current fast chargers (DCFC), an onsite market, a car wash, a 24/7 lounge, a dog walk, and restrooms. For more information, please visit www.RoveCharging.com.

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