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Rimac Electric Supercar Factory Tour

See the Rimac engineering offices and factory floor with this drone fly-through video.

October 5, 2023

Just how does Rimac make the Nevera, the world’s fastest, all-electric hypercar? This behind-the-scenes look – filmed by FPV drone with stunning precision and in revealing detail at its facility in Sveta Nedelja, just outside Zagreb, Croatia – gives you a taste.

Shot in a single, breath-taking take, after heading through the front door you quickly find yourself in meeting rooms, where team members gather before swooping down to the production line.

It’s here where the talented craftspeople who work for Rimac put the Nevera together. You’ll take a spin inside the chassis of a Nevera as it is being built, and do a lap of the rolling road before ending up in quality control, where the company's experts ensure that every car built has been done to exacting standards.

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