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The Advanced Battery Manufacturing Industry vs. COVID-19

See how the advanced battery manufacturing community is coming together to fight COVID-19.

November 6, 2020

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The industry shifted to production of personal protection equipment in response to the pandemic.Adobe Stock

Battery Technology Staff

No one would have seen it coming a short time ago: A critical demand for ventilators and personal protective equipment. But as the coronavirus spread, trailing a new set of challenges, the advanced battery manufacturing industry didn’t miss a beat. Companies and individuals rose to the occasion by re-tooling operations and producing a new line of products to save lives.

In a recent newsletter, we asked for stories from attendees and exhibitors on the frontlines of the fight. Read on to see how The Battery Show community is taking on the pandemic.


Sensata Technologies Rally to Aid in Ventilator Production

As medical device, automotive, and aerospace companies ramped up production of ventilators, Sensata, a leader in sensing, electrical protection, and power management solutions also stepped up to the challenge. Their teams across the world rallied to support orders for brushless DC motors, voice coil actuators, and pressure sensors for ventilator applications. All of which was done at a production rate of nine times what they typically produce in a year.


WAFIOS Is Meeting the Demand for Personal Protective Equipment

Face shields are essential to protect patients and medical staff from contamination, infection, and injury. As PPE across the country ran scarce, WAFIOS decided to support the production of components for face shields on 3D printers. They checked the feasibility of printing the parts, conducted a successful test print, and all systems were a go. WAFIOS’ Plant 3 has been printing at full speed ever since.

Envision Solar.jpg

Envision Solar Puts Their EV Infrastructure to Good Use

When the coronavirus hit the U.S., Envision prioritized manufacturing their mobile solar powered EV ARC™—Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger. The world’s only transportable but permanent EV charging infrastructure solution, the EV ARC™ is off-grid, solar-powered, and transportable. Helpful for surge facilities, pop-up testing centers, and emergency shelters, the EV ARC™ is deployable where power is needed but a connection to the utility grid isn’t available.


CoorsTek Comes through with Vital Components for Medical Equipment

CoorsTek is a global manufacturer for technical ceramics serving industries including healthcare, transportation, and telecommunications. They’ve done their part in the fight by producing essential components for equipment used to directly mitigate the disease. CoorsTek’s work ensures continued operations in several sectors, including manufacturing components for ventilators and disposable thermometers.


Pentair Implements Best Practices to Stop the Spread

A Pentair staff member relayed the basics on what they’re doing to keep each other safe at work. Like many, they’re working from home when they can. For those needed in the lab, they’re only venturing out of the house for work to limit exposure. Nodding to a silver lining, the staff member stated, “If anything the team is closer now than we were before.”

Thank you to everyone involved in the fight in both large and small ways, we appreciate you.

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