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VIDEO: QuantumScape's FlexFrame EV Battery Cell

QuantumScape gives a deep-dive into the novel cell format that may enable a step change in automotive battery performance.

Michael C. Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, Battery Technology

January 17, 2024

13 Min View
QuantumScape's FlexFrame cell format
Screen shot from QuantumScape's YouTube video explaining FlexFrame: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt49j3yz4PQCredit: QuantumScape

QuantumScape's EV battery has gotten recent headlines for its promising VW test results. The company has now released a video that provides a detailed look at its proprietary FlexFrame battery cell architecture. The company explains that the FlexFrame format is a hybrid of conventional pouch and prismatic cell designs that was engineered to address the expansion of lithium metal as it plates and strips during charging and discharging. This design maximizes the performance of solid-state lithium metal batteries, which promise higher energy density, faster charging and enhanced safety compared to today’s lithium-ion batteries. FlexFrame also has manufacturing benefits, as it is able to leverage many tools and materials already available in the battery landscape. The flexible interface, paired with the frame design, enables the easy stacking of batteries into modules for automotive and other applications.

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Michael C. Anderson

Editor-in-Chief, Battery Technology, Informa Markets - Engineering

Battery Technology Editor-in-Chief Michael C. Anderson has been covering manufacturing and transportation technology developments for more than a quarter-century, with editor roles at Manufacturing Engineering, Cutting Tool Engineering, Automotive Design & Production, and Smart Manufacturing. Before all of that, he taught English and literature at colleges in Japan and Michigan.

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