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7 EV Makers Using LG Energy Solution Batteries

LGES is one of the industry’s most notable battery suppliers, but which EV companies do they actually work with?

Jake Hertz

December 6, 2023

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One of the most prominent players in the EV battery market is LG Energy Solution (LGES), which today supplies batteries to many of the major EV manufacturers. Originating as a subsidiary of the larger LG Chem, LGES has become a standalone entity solely dedicated to energy solutions, particularly in the realm of EV batteries. With a heavy focus on research and development, LGES has managed to stay at the forefront of battery technology since its inception over a decade ago.

A major aspect of the company’s influential role in the EV battery industry is its broad global footprint. To date, the company has established manufacturing facilities across various continents, including Asia, North America, and Europe. This global presence allows LGES to cater to a wide range of markets as well as reduce logistical challenges, ensuring the timely delivery of its products to automakers around the world.

The company's approach to sustainability and environmental responsibility is a critical component of its operations. LGES places a strong emphasis on the entire lifecycle of its batteries, from raw material sourcing to end-of-life recycling. For example, the company actively pursues sustainable practices in its manufacturing processes, such as investing in battery recycling to create a more circular economy for its battery offerings.

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In this piece, we’ll take a look at electric vehicle companies benefitting from LGES’ battery offerings. Read on to learn about EV companies getting batteries from LG Energy Solutions.

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Jake Hertz

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