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Video: VW-Tested QuantumScape Solid State Battery

Australia tech vlog The Electric Viking examines this game-changing new SSB.

Michael C. Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, Battery Technology

January 5, 2024

8 Min View
YouTube screen capture from 'VW test QuantumScape’s Solid-State Battery: Retains 95% after 300,000 Miles' by Electric Viking

A challenge for solid-state batteries has been their relatively short lifecycle--they haven't been able to stay useable as long as traditional lithium-ion batteries. That may have changed, according to QuantumScape: The company's SSB has undergone extensive testing by PowerCo, the battery-development arm of VW, and as we've reported, the results are encouraging.

In this video, the Australia technology channel The Electric Viking take a closer look at the battery and its breakthrough.

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Michael C. Anderson

Editor-in-Chief, Battery Technology, Informa Markets - Engineering

Battery Technology Editor-in-Chief Michael C. Anderson has been covering manufacturing and transportation technology developments for more than a quarter-century, with editor roles at Manufacturing Engineering, Cutting Tool Engineering, Automotive Design & Production, and Smart Manufacturing. Before all of that, he taught English and literature at colleges in Japan and Michigan.

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