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The Battery Show North America and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo invites you to submit your speaker proposal for the 2023 Conference program.

February 9, 2023

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A Battery Show North America and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo presentation in Novi, MI.Image courtesy of Battery Show North America

Jumana Abdulla, Conference Program Manager, The Battery Show

The Battery Show North America and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo invites you to submit your speaker proposal for the 2023 Conference program.

This comprehensive advanced battery manufacturing event attracts 15,000+ engineers and decision-makers plus 775+ top-level suppliers making it the largest Battery & EV show in North America, representing the entire supply chain from raw materials through end of life.

The 13th annual event returns to Novi, MI on September 12-14 to advance the future of electric and battery powered innovations in transportation, portable electronics, commercial/industrial and stationary energy storage and more. The three-day educational event brings together battery and EV/HEV manufacturers, industry experts, thought leaders, and academic speakers representing OEMs, regulators, battery suppliers, investors, researchers, startups, battery recyclers and non-automotive to discuss and help solve manufacturing, supply chain and production challenges.

The Battery Show is the place where major battery breakthroughs are announced. The battery community looks forward to attending the show to learn about the latest industry developments and cutting-edge solutions. 

To ensure we maintain the standards of The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, we are accepting pioneering proposals that promote a forward-thinking approach and feature bold ideas, and speakers who share specific industry knowledge and expertise in battery development and electric & hybrid vehicle technologies and advancements.

Guided by our distinguished Advisory Board Members, we identified intensively discussed topics on industry market forecast and analysis, policy and regulations, battery chemistries, supply chain for battery raw material, battery safety, battery recycling, battery manufacturing, advancing battery design, battery applications, EV infrastructure, energy storage, EV & HEV design innovation and electrification of the fleet.

Proposals that will be given preference in the review process:

  • Talks that reveal new ways of thinking about applying battery and E/HV technologies

  • Talks that feature content never seen before and not available online, but rather has been created specifically for this event

  • In-depth analysis of market and industry topics that will shape the future of the community

  • Real-world examples that show a novel application of technology or illustrate a solution to a technical challenge in a product.

  • Talks that engage the audience in a highly creative or interactive way

  • Proposals from OEMs and tier 1 battery and EV manufacturers, or joint presentations with these companies, are of particular interest.

  • Proposals from emerging battery or EV start-ups that will shed light on innovative business and technology applications.

In general, we accept speakers who are willing to share their knowledge to help design and innovation continue and grow. Proposals that aim to market a specific company or product will not be considered.

Call-for-speakers submission process and timeline:

Proposals must be submitted by March 8, 2023, via electronic portalPlease fill out the submission form completely and submit no later than the stated deadline. All individuals who submit a proposal will be contacted and advised of the status of their submission by mid- March 2023. If selected to speak, all presenters will be required to submit a PowerPoint presentation in PDF form by August 12th to ensure guidelines are met.

If you have any questions, please contact Conference Program Manager Jumana Abdulla at [email protected]

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