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Presentations We Want to See at IME West’s Medical Battery Conference

The 2nd annual US Medical Battery Conference is being held February 5–7 at MD&M West in Anaheim; here are some can’t-miss presentations.

Michael C. Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, Battery Technology

January 31, 2024

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Shmuel De-Leon, CEO of Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd. at The Medical Battery Conference in 2023
Shmuel De-Leon, CEO of Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd. at The Medical Battery Conference in 2023.Credit: M. Anderson / Battery Technology

In many energy-storage applications, the top desire is to maximize power output: how fast can we get that Formula E car to go? How much weight can that mining truck carry? The focus for batteries used in medical applications is different: They power often tiny devices, intimately close, if not physically inside, their user—whose health and life may depend on its functioning reliably. Any battery maker who wants to go into the medical marketplace has a lot to learn first.

At the same time, medical technology developers face a learning curve of their own when a new application is ready to move beyond the CAD file to the real world, as the range of options for powering the device can be dizzying. Both energy experts and medical device developers have a lot they can learn and teach each other.

That’s why battery expert Shmuel De-Leon and Informa Markets Engineering are partnering again for the 2nd Annual Medical Battery Conference USA as part of MD&M West and IME West in Anaheim, CA, February 5–7.

Your Battery Technology editors attended last year’s conference and learned a lot. We’ll be there this year as well. The entire workshop and conference agenda (available here) looks promising. Here are just a few of the presentations we’re looking forward to:

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Sodium Ion (Na- Ion) Battery Market 2024

Tuesday, February 6: 10:05 AM - 10:35 AM

Sodium Ion Batteries are the next large production capacity technology for the rechargeable battery arena. Our presentation will review technology advantages/ limitations – and the motivation beyond bringing that technology to the market.

Presented by: Shmuel De-Leon Energy CEO Shmuel De-Leon

Exploring Cell Technology for Medical Applications

Tuesday, February 6: 10:35 AM - 11:00 AM

In the media, there is much discussion on cell technology in relation to electric vehicle (EV) batteries, but a lack of conversation about cell technology for medical batteries. In fact, not many medical applications can use the same cells that Tesla uses (e.g. a large cylindrical 4680 or a 100Ah large LFP prismatic cell). This presentation will review current and future cell technology relevant to medical applications.


Presented by: Inventus Power CTO Chris Turner

Note: See our preview interview with Chris Turner here.

Solving the Needs of the Demanding Medical Battery Market

Tuesday, February 6: 11:00 AM - 11:25 AM

In the field of medical devices, whether implantable or wearable, there is a remarkable trend towards miniaturization. The power source must be cleverly adapted to meet the dimensions of the devices, while ensuring the highest performance and consistent quality standards. Based on Wyon's long experience in miniaturization, innovative design approaches and state-of-the-art technologies, we have succeeded in realizing optimal performance in extremely compact profiles. This presentation will give an insight into Wyon's ability to solve our customers’ high demanding needs of such advanced cells.

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Presented by: Wyon CTO Marcel Inauen

Note: See our preview interview with Marcel Inauen here.

Miniaturization of Implantable Batteries

Tuesday, February 6: 11:50 AM - 12:15 PM

Implantable medical devices are expanding their application to wide range of therapies and sensors. Along with significant reduction in battery size, miniature implantable medical devices require various form/shape of the battery. Integer has been developing miniature battery technologies in various shape and size. This presentation is about up-to-date status of Integer’s battery miniaturization projects and related battery performances.


Presented by: Integer - Greatbatch Medical Battery Research Team Senior Manager Hank Yun

Rechargeable Battery Update 2022-2030, Including Medical and Specialty

Wednesday, February 7: 11:00 AM - 11:25 AM

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This presentation will cover the 10-year rechargeable battery market forecasts from Avicenne, including technical/market developments that will be available to support the medical battery markets.  Automotive batteries are the main drivers for volume and technology, however some applications like medical have different value in use profiles that allow for new technology entrance.  The talk will highlight than many smaller battery companies support the medical industry and this is a good entrance market for battery start-up before advancing to larger markets.


Presented by: Avicenne Energy Senior Advisor Michael Sanders

Medical Device Battery Safety and Innovation

Wednesday, February 7: 2:05 PM - 2:30 PM

Batteries play a significant role in the overall safety, performance, and reliability of many medical devices. As medical devices become smarter, smaller, and portable, they rely on batteries for power. While many different components can potentially impact the safety and effectiveness of medical devices, the battery can be one of the most critical. Unexpected depletion, or failure of the battery can cause the device to stop functioning properly, preventing the device from performing its intended function or in the worst-case scenario, harm the patient or healthcare provider.

In this presentation we will summarize the types of battery related adverse events reported to the FDA and discuss opportunities for innovation for safer medical devices.


Presented by: US Food and Drug Administration Senior Science Health Advisor Jake Kyprianou

For more information on the conference, click here.

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