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A Short Video Primer on Li-ion Battery Care and Safety

In under three minutes, this KPBS video explains the basics of care and feeding for your lithium-ion batteries.

Michael C. Anderson

November 7, 2023

YouTube screen capture: KPBS on li-ion battery care
YouTube screen capture: KPBS on li-ion battery careYouTube screen capture: Credit: KPBS Public Media

San Diego State University’s public media station KPBS recently shared a brief, useful guide to keeping your lithium-ion batteries in good, safe, and long-lasting condition on YouTube. The video, “Making the most of lithium ion batteries and looking beyond,” acts as a primer on how Li-ion batteries work and to keep yours working optimally. It also highlights battery research by, among others, Kent Griffith, a chemistry professor at UC San Diego who runs a battery lab:

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Michael C. Anderson

Editor, Battery Technology, Informa Markets - Engineering

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