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10 Battery Startups to Watch in 2023

Thanks to their unique approaches and technologies, these ten companies are making waves throughout the battery industry.

Jake Hertz

October 23, 2023

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As the global narrative shifts towards sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, the spotlight on advanced battery technologies has intensified. In response, battery startups from various corners of the globe are stepping up, each with unique solutions designed to tackle the present challenges and future demands of energy storage and utilization. In particular, recent years have seen a surge of innovative battery startups emerge on the global stage, each showcasing novel technologies that are poised to redefine energy storage, electric mobility, and renewable energy harnessing.

The field of battery technology is vast and multifaceted, encompassing a range of scientific and engineering disciplines. Today's battery startups are exploring new frontiers, striving to overcome traditional limitations, and propelling the industry into a new epoch of innovation and efficiency. From developing novel materials that boost battery performance and lifespan to creating sophisticated software for real-time battery management and analytics, these startups are pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Like any multifaceted field, the battery industry requires a heavy reliance on collaborative efforts involving academia, established industries, and government bodies. Through strategic partnerships and cross-sectoral collaborations, startups are accelerating the pace of innovation, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and resources. This collaborative ethos is fostering a conducive environment for innovation, also helping to accelerate the commercialization of these technologies.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at ten battery startups that have grabbed our attention in 2023. Read on to learn more about ten battery startups to watch in 2023.

About the Author(s)

Jake Hertz

Jake Hertz is an Electrical Engineer, Technical Writer, and Public Relations Specialist. After he received his M.S. and B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Rochester, he spent three years working as an Electrical Engineer at MakerBot Industries. 

As a writer, Jake is well known for his frequent contributions to various engineering websites, where he has garnered readership in the tens of thousands. Through his business, NanoHertz Solutions, Jake works with cutting-edge companies in the hardware and semiconductor space to build industry buzz and awareness through Public Relations and Technical Writing services.

As an engineer, Jake now works with numerous startups to help develop their hardware products. He is also a Co-Founder of Origin Labs, a NYC-based design firm for tech startups in the hardware space.

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