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10 Used EV Models for Under $15k in 2023

We found 10 used EV models for under $15,000—a full $5,000 less than a similar survey of secondhand EVs from last year. Here they are.

Jake Hertz

January 16, 2023

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One of the major shortcomings of electric vehicles (EVs) at this point is that they are relatively costly. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of purchasing a new car, a great way to find a cheap electric vehicle is to search the used-car market.

Last year Battery Technology created a list of ten electric vehicles that could be purchased for under $20k. This year, we are revisiting the used-EV market to see how it has changed, and what new affordable EV options have been made available. 

We found good news: In 2023 there are 10 used EVs can be purchased for under $15,000—five grand less than last year’s upper price limit.

We’ll repeat some advice from last year, though: If you are thinking of buying a used EV—particularly if you are planning on spending less than $15,000—remember that a given model may not be the right car for everyone. Early EVs had a very short range, often on the order of 100 miles or less on a charge. As batteries age, they begin to lose some of their ability to store electrical energy so the actual range of a used 5-7-year-old EV could be 20–30 percent lower than it was when the vehicle and its battery were brand new. Find a competent EV mechanic to tell you about the battery health of your potential purchase before you sign the contract. 

Read on to learn about 10 used EV models that you can purchase for under $15k.

About the Author(s)

Jake Hertz

Jake Hertz is an Electrical Engineer, Technical Writer, and Public Relations Specialist. After he received his M.S. and B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Rochester, he spent three years working as an Electrical Engineer at MakerBot Industries. 

As a writer, Jake is well known for his frequent contributions to various engineering websites, where he has garnered readership in the tens of thousands. Through his business, NanoHertz Solutions, Jake works with cutting-edge companies in the hardware and semiconductor space to build industry buzz and awareness through Public Relations and Technical Writing services.

As an engineer, Jake now works with numerous startups to help develop their hardware products. He is also a Co-Founder of Origin Labs, a NYC-based design firm for tech startups in the hardware space.

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