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7 Recent Major Battery Funding Announcements

This recent spate of funding throughout the industry is indicative of the market’s confidence in the future of battery technology.

Jake Hertz

September 28, 2023

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The battery industry is undergoing a transformative phase, fueled by an unprecedented influx of capital and strategic investments. Within this, investments in the battery industry are increasingly diversified, targeting various aspects of the value chain. From raw material extraction and processing to cell manufacturing and end-of-life recycling, each segment presents unique challenges and opportunities.

The geopolitical landscape is another crucial dimension to consider. With the majority of battery production currently concentrated in Asia, there's a growing emphasis on diversifying the supply chain. Countries in Europe and North America are making concerted efforts to develop domestic battery manufacturing capabilities, thereby reducing dependency on external suppliers. This is not just a matter of economic competitiveness, but it’s a strategic imperative to ensure a resilient and secure energy infrastructure.

Fortunately, the scale of investments is indicative of the market's confidence in the future of battery technologies. Multi-billion-dollar funding rounds and government-backed loans are becoming increasingly common, signaling strong investor and institutional belief in the sector's growth potential. These investments are likely to accelerate the commercialization of next-generation batteries, drive down costs through economies of scale, and facilitate the integration of batteries into various applications, from grid storage to aerospace.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the most noteworthy and recent funding headlines surrounding the battery industry. Through this, we hope to get a better understanding of the industry, where it is currently, and the direction that it may be headed towards.

Read on to learn about 7 recent battery funding announcements.

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Jake Hertz

Jake Hertz is an Electrical Engineer, Technical Writer, and Public Relations Specialist. After he received his M.S. and B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Rochester, he spent three years working as an Electrical Engineer at MakerBot Industries. 

As a writer, Jake is well known for his frequent contributions to various engineering websites, where he has garnered readership in the tens of thousands. Through his business, NanoHertz Solutions, Jake works with cutting-edge companies in the hardware and semiconductor space to build industry buzz and awareness through Public Relations and Technical Writing services.

As an engineer, Jake now works with numerous startups to help develop their hardware products. He is also a Co-Founder of Origin Labs, a NYC-based design firm for tech startups in the hardware space.

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