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Let’s Meet the 20 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Grantees

These companies share a combined $2.8 billion to expand US production of batteries for EVs and the electrical grid. Why them? Read on.

Geoff Giordano

December 5, 2022

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Twenty prime movers in battery manufacturing are sharing $2.8 billion in grants for projects to expand US production of batteries for EVs and the electrical grid.

Funded under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, these projects will advance sustainable domestic sourcing and processing of critical materials used to make lithium-ion batteries, strengthen American supply chains, accelerate battery production to meet increased demand and secure the nation’s economic competitiveness, energy independence and national security.

The recipients will build and expand commercial-scale facilities in 12 states to extract and process lithium, graphite and other battery materials, manufacture components, and demonstrate new approaches, including manufacturing components from recycled materials.

The funding for the selected projects will support:

  • Developing enough battery-grade lithium to supply approximately 2 million EVs annually

  • Developing enough battery-grade graphite to supply approximately 1.2 million EVs annually

  • Producing enough battery-grade nickel to supply approximately 400,000 EVs annually

  • Installing the first large-scale, commercial lithium electrolyte salt (LiPF6) production facility in the United States

  • Developing an electrode binder facility capable of supplying 45% of the anticipated domestic demand for binders for EV batteries in 2030

  • Creating the first commercial scale domestic silicon oxide production facilities to supply anode materials for an estimated 600,000 EV batteries annually

  • Installing the first lithium iron phosphate cathode facility in the United States

Following are the specifics of what each company is doing with the grant money:

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