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Battery Roundup: 20 Top Technologies From the Past 6 Months

Battery technologies are moving fast—Here is a chance to stay abreast of some of the latest concepts and innovations.

Kevin Clemens

January 18, 2022

20 Slides

It seems almost impossible to keep up. Every week brings a new breakthrough that promises to shatter the status quo and revolutionize that world of energy storage. Some of the ideas have real merit, while others are pure vapor-ware—sometimes it can be hard to tell them apart.

At Battery Technology we are committed to reporting on the latest research and providing our readers with deep dives into the world of energy storage technology. To help understand where things stand, and where they are going, we chose to review 20 of our top technology stories from the past 6 months. They cover the gamut from new anode and cathode materials, to advanced replacements for lithium-ion chemistries, to charging and manufacturing.

Our advice is to browse through this summary and to click on the links to the stories that interest you or that you might have missed when we first ran them. It’s a chance to get caught up with a world that keeps rushing forward to an electrified future.

As a BONUS, Slide 20 is The 8 Most Important Materials That Will Drive the Battery Market, a reminder of the critical minerals and materials that will ebable the electrification of everything.

Kevin Clemens is a Senior Editor with Battery Technology.

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