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Saint-Gobain Ceramics & ION Partner for US-Based Solid-State Batteries

Article-Saint-Gobain Ceramics & ION Partner for US-Based Solid-State Batteries

Image courtesy of ION Storage Systems ION cell architecture.jpg
ION's patented Bilayer Cell Architecture for its graphite-free, anode-free, solid-state battery solution.
ION and Saint-Gobain Ceramics will partner to establish US manufacturing of novel ceramic material for large-scale solid-state electrolyte manufacturing.

ION Storage Systems, a Maryland-based company specializing in safe and high-energy-density solid-state lithium metal batteries, has announced a multi-year supply agreement with Saint-Gobain Ceramics, a global supplier of ceramic materials products and the founder of the Saint-Gobain Lithium Solutions business.

Solid-state batteries, in contrast to traditional lithium-ion batteries, offer enhanced stability in their chemistry, improved safety features, and the potential for higher energy density. However, the challenge in realizing the benefits of these advanced batteries has largely been in scaling production due to difficulties in sourcing the necessary materials.

Thanks to the partnership with Saint-Gobain, ION is poised to overcome this obstacle and expects to achieve significant scale within the next 2–3 years. The key advantage is ION's utilization of ceramics, a readily available and scalable material. This strategic move positions ION, a Series A company, to compete effectively with much larger, publicly traded competitors that have been in the industry for a decade or more.

Successful pilot program came first

This collaboration emerged from a shared commitment to decarbonization solutions and mutual interests in the rapidly evolving realms of electric vehicles (EVs) and related battery technologies.

The agreement follows a successful technical relationship and a manufacturing pilot program between ION and Saint-Gobain Ceramics. Under this agreement, Saint-Gobain Ceramics will leverage its proprietary manufacturing process to produce high-quality ceramic powder.

ION will begin incorporating Saint-Gobain Ceramics' powder into its production process, initially starting with qualified pilot-level materials. The plan is to progressively expand the usage of this ceramic powder in the subsequent years to accommodate ION's manufacturing growth ambitions, aimed at supporting customers in defense, aerospace, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and grid storage industries.

“At ION, we pride ourselves on our ecosystem of world-class, like-minded innovators and partners who share our values and commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable, future,” stated ION CEO Ricky Hanna. “Not only does Saint-Gobain embody those values and commitment, there are very few organizations in the world that can deliver the exceptional quality of supply at the scale that ION needs to be successful. We are proud to call Saint-Gobain Ceramics our partner as we prepare to deliver our ground-breaking battery technology to the market, and we are actively exploring other ways to collaborate in the future.”

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