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Silicone Materials Can Reduce Operating Temperatures and Extend Life of EV Batteries

An interview with Erica Everett, North America Mobility Marketing Manager at Dow Chemical, focuses on the future of silicone in EV applications.

October 31, 2021

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Dow Chemical

Jenny McCall, Event Director, Digital Days Expo

Electric and hybrid vehicles have come a long way and require highly sophisticated material technologies that provide reliability and performance. Dow Chemical is a global leader in designing silicone materials that help OEMs create energy-efficient products by reducing operating temperatures and extending the life and performance of batteries and other electronics in EVs.

Dow Chemical is an exhibitor at the upcoming Digital Days Expo. The event is a virtual continuation of The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo held in Novi last month that connected more than 550 suppliers with 9,155 buyers and suppliers in attendance.

Slated for November 17-18, the digital event will feature an enhanced conference program with live and on-demand webinars and exhibitor 'booths' spotlighting new products and services.

Jenny McCall sat down with Erica Everett, North America Mobility Marketing Manager at Dow Chemical, and discussed the upcoming event and what attendees can look forward to learning about at the Dow booth.

Jenny McCall: How is Dow Chemical progressing the future of EV technology? 

Erica Everett: Dow is committed to progressing the future of EV through our MobilityScience™ platform. This is a one-Dow approach serving tiers and OEM's with a comprehensive suite of solutions across leading technology platforms for EV and AV. We have decades of transportation experience, customized industry-specific development and support, and global reach with a local presence. Our solutions are aligned with the growth drivers of electrification, AV/connectivity, and sustainability. Dow has a broad portfolio of solutions across many application areas, enabling a low carbon and e-mobility future.

JM: Drilling down to the technologies for automotive electronics and assembly, what challenges is Dow Chemical solving?  

EE: There are 3-4x more silicone products in EVs vs. ICE vehicles due to material performance requirements. Our silicone technologies enable engineers to achieve smaller, lighter weight, sustainable, and more powerful designs. We have differentiated solutions, such as Thermal Radical Cure Technology, which provides rapid cure at lower temperatures, reduces the need for cleaning, and offers industry-leading strong, durable adhesion. This leads to improved performance, energy savings, and reduced processing costs. Another challenge new applications and designs face is thermal management, and we have proven and innovative solutions to meet and exceed these challenges. We see all of these challenges as opportunities, and we look forward to continuing to solve them alongside our customers.

JM: Dow Chemical is exhibiting at the upcoming Digital Days Expo. Can you speak to your portfolio of solutions attendees can look forward to learning about at your booth? 

EE: We will be showcasing our proven silicone solutions in mobility enabling next-generation EV and AV designs. Our differentiated material set provides solutions for Thermal Management (adhesives, compounds, encapsulants, and gap fillers), Assembly (adhesives, EMI shielding, foams), and Protection (conformal coatings, gels, encapsulants). Battery Fire Protection is a hot topic that we are addressing with innovative silicone foams and encapsulants. Stop by our booth to learn more, and don't hesitate to reach out to further discuss how our solutions can solve your needs.

JM: What excites you most about engaging with your community at the upcoming event?  

EE: Safety is our number one priority, and Digital Days allows us to engage with our customers without the need for travel. The timing is great, and we encourage everyone to stop in and see what is new! We will have application and material experts sitting behind the screen of our digital booth, and ready to further discuss your specific needs and interests!  

To schedule a meeting with Dow Chemical, register for Digital Days Expo here and visit Dow Chemical's booth in the digital platform to set up a conversation.


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