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Fire Protection System for Battery Packs

Morand, in collaboration with Fire System SA, has created a comprehensive fire protection system for battery packs with universal application.

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March 16, 2023

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Laptop catching fire.Martin Poole/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Morand, a Swiss technology start-up and Fire System SA— a specialist in the field of passive fire protection in western Switzerland— have launched an innovative fire protection system designed for modern battery packs. Understanding the complexity and danger of battery fires – particularly within applications like transport, marine, and aerospace – the companies worked to develop FS Security.

FS Security is a universal solution to electrical fires caused by one of the world’s most common energy storage systems, battery packs. Prior tests show that FS Security does not interfere with battery pack cooling or airflow. Combining electrical and static fire protection, it reacts in several stages as soon as the temperature of the pack crosses certain thresholds. The system developed applies to all batteries currently on the market. Acting both actively and passively on the protection of the batteries, it guarantees an intervention before the batteries have caught fire.

According to Morand, FS Security has also been designed with universal and high-volume applications in mind. The system can be easily adapted to any type of battery pack, including those in vehicles, robots, machines, devices or building battery applications. Given the prevalence of battery-based power storage technologies, the versatility of FS Security makes it a compelling solution to an important safety challenge.

Development of FS Security followed the creation of Morand’s eTechnology - a breakthrough energy storage system that combines the characteristics of a hybrid ultracapacitor with that of a chemical battery to create a durable and ultra-fast energy pack that can be usefully recharged in a matter of minutes. While already safer than conventional battery technologies, Morand engineers collaborated with Fire System SA to develop a new fire mitigation system for eTechnology, leading to FS Security.

The patented system is ready for use in customer applications, with new products requiring consultation with Morand engineers prior to detailed application reports, proof-of-concept, and integration. “Following the successful and exciting launch of our revolutionary energy storage system, eTechnology, we are eager to share the next of our innovations. Fire safety is a critical concern with almost every type of cell and battery pack, so we set out to develop the best possible fire mitigation system, FS Security,” stated Benoît Morand, Founder and Managing Director of Morand. “Unique in the market, our patented system helps to prevent battery pack fires through both electrical and physical means, with thresholds to activate each level of the system. Most importantly, it is effective and inexpensive, making it an accessible solution for those developing everything from electric vehicles to home batteries and everything in between.”

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