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Enhanced Inline Vision Inspection of Battery Cell Components

September 20, 2023

16 Min View

Date: Sep 20, 2023

Duration: 16 Min

In battery cell production, inspection must meet extremely demanding requirements with regard for energy efficiency, storage density, and safety. This applies to coated electrode materials for cathodes as well as lithium-ion battery separator film. The ideal solutions offer enhanced automated inline inspection.


This 20-minute webinar presents details on the ISRA VISION SMASH battery inline inspection system, which is designed to offer comprehensive and reliable quality assurance for detecting and classifying all surface defects. This line of systems checks electrode material quality for damage such as streaks, holes, and impurities. It inspects and measures both coating lanes, top and bottom allocation, and web edges. It can be used to classify production defects in the PVDF fluoroplastic coating used for separator film for holes, stains, oil, water drops and scratches.

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