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LiB Research Paves Way for Optimal Cathode Performance

Data on mixing process parameters’ effects on cathode slurry electrical properties

November 7, 2023

1 Min Read

Lithium-ion battery research has been conducted to meet application requirements for key specifications including energy density, specific power, cycle life, safety, and charge rate. This includes evaluating components such as slurries and electrode sheets, which is the topic of this document, titled, “Analysis of the Relationship between Mixing Process Parameters and Cathode Slurry Electrical Properties.” In this document, you will see data from evaluations using the Slurry Analytical System and RM2610 electrode resistance measurement system developed by HIOKI – including this finding: Pulverizing the particles of conductive additives in the slurry to improve Uniformity will break electrical paths and reduce the conductivity of the electrode sheet.

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