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NIO ET7: 650-Mile Range Achieved in Cold Wave

NIO's ET7 achieves an impressive 650-mile range during a cold wave, spotlighting advancements in battery technology.

Maria Guerra, Senior Editor-Battery Technology

December 20, 2023

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EV with 650 miles range battery.
NIO's 2023 ET7 at Auto Shanghai.Courtesy of NIO.

In a groundbreaking showcase of technological innovation, William Li, the co-founder and CEO of NIO, personally tested the new 150 kWh battery pack in the NIO ET7 large sedan. Li, accompanied by his co-driver, achieved a remarkable 1,044 km (650 miles) range with 3% battery capacity remaining. While some media outlets are saying it is a semi-solid-state battery, NIO has not officially commented on the battery chemistry.

The test occurred during a nationwide cold wave, adding a layer of challenge to the accomplishment. Departing from the Shanghai World Expo Center battery swap station at a chilly -2 C° (28.4 F°), the team embarked on a 14-hour journey with an average cabin temperature of 20C° (68F°) through various cities and service areas, ultimately reaching the Longjudong service area in Xiamen City, Fujian Province.

According to NIO, the 150 kWh ultra-long range battery pack exhibited exceptional performance, exceeding expectations and proving the capabilities of the new battery technology, which has a single-cell energy density of 360Wh/kg and has six times faster cooling efficiency than conventional batteries. While some media outlets are saying it is a semi-solid-state battery, NIO has not officially commented on the battery chemistry. "This battery is currently the battery pack with the highest energy density in mass production in the world and has excellent safety performance," Li stated while live streaming.

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Highlighting further advancements, all currently available NIO models can undergo a seamless upgrade to the 150 kWh batteries using the NIO battery swap system. Li emphasized this flexibility in a Weibo announcement, stating, "Every model in our lineup is capable of a seamless upgrade to the 150 kWh batteries through the NIO battery swap system." This enhancement allows users to experience extended driving ranges, showcasing NIO's commitment to providing adaptable EV battery innovative technology.

NIO has established itself as a leader by developing and implementing larger-scale battery-swapping solutions. This groundbreaking initiative addresses the challenges of conventional charging methods, offering NIO users a quick and convenient way to replace depleted batteries, significantly reducing downtime. NIO also demonstrates a commitment to advancing EV battery technology with its groundbreaking 150 kWh ultra-long range battery pack. This innovative energy storage solution provides users with enhanced range and performance and contributes significantly to the evolution of sustainable transportation.

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Maria Guerra

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