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Electric Bicycles Are Reaching the Mainstream—Which One is Right for You?

With so many to choose from finding the right e-bike can be a real problem. Let us help you out with a few suggestions!

Kevin Clemens

October 12, 2021

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In most parts of the world, two-wheel vehicles are serious transportation. Bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles are a practical way to navigate crowded city streets and eliminate parking hassles. In the US, two-wheelers of all types are more often considered recreation and lifestyle choices. Riding a bike or a motorcycle for most people is a weekend diversion rather than a weekday necessity. For bicyclists, human muscles pushing pedals has long been the standard although something new—electric bicycles—are rapidly taking over both for recreation and for inner-city travel.

The sheer variety in price, type, drive system, performance, and range of electric bicycles that have suddenly hit the US market is astounding. From a small number of offering from a small number of specialists a few years ago to e-bikes that fit every need and pocketbook, electric bicycles are becoming part of the electrified transportation revolution.

There are in fact now so many different types and styles of electric bicycles from so many manufacturers, and with so many new bikes appearing weekly, that it is almost impossible to create a complete list of what’s available. Instead, we will highlight some of the different types of e-bikes that you’ll find on the market. Our goal is to give you a starting point so you’ll have a firm footing when you begin your search for the e-bike that is right for you.

Kevin Clemens is a Senior Editor with Battery Technology.

BONUS: What does an $80,000 electric bicycle look like? The world’s most expensive e-bike is on Slide 11!

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