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Want a Great New Job? It’s Time To Look at EVs and Battery Technology!

Attention college grads and old hands: EV companies and battery makers, along with their suppliers are desperate for workers. Here are 10 companies that are looking.

Kevin Clemens

October 5, 2021

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If you were going to recommend an industry for a new college engineering graduate to look into, you would be doing them a great service to point them toward electric vehicles (EVs) and battery technology. Electrification of every aspect of modern life is possibly the only solution to reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are resulting in global climate change and legions of new engineers are needed to lead the charge.

Though electrical engineers will always be a big part of this hiring surge, mechanical, materials, chemical, and civil engineers are also hot commodities. Because there are so few engineers in the automotive industry with EV experience, newly minted graduates can find positions with traditional legacy automakers, start-up EV car companies, infrastructure and charging companies, grid-scale energy storage specialists, battery companies, and a host of other companies and industries that need the technical approach that engineers can bring.

It’s not just new grad who are getting hired. If you are a practicing engineer, or even a working professional in a different field, but show enthusiasm for electrification, you might have a chance at a career change. 

At Battery Technology we strongly support the effort to bring new graduates and engineers into the electrification industry. Here we have put together ten companies that are examples of those that are currently hiring for positions that will appeal to engineers and technologists. These are just an example, and we urge you to do your search for a job that is just the right fit.

Bonus: Slide Number 11 has Hints for EV/Battery Job Hunting. If you are looking to work in electrification, make sure you check out these suggestions.

First up: Tesla

Kevin Clemens is a Senior Editor with Battery Technology.

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