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Coating Thickness Measurement System Improves Battery Production

coatmaster AG’s 3D, non-contact system solves the complications of measuring insulation coating thickness on prismatic battery cells.

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July 7, 2023

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Coating thickness distribution on battery cell with non-contact coating thickness measurement technology.Image courtesy of coatmaster AG

The e-mobility industry relies heavily on prismatic battery cells, which require a specific cuboid shape during manufacturing. These cells include an important insulating coating, where maintaining a minimum thickness is critical for electrical isolation. Unfortunately, the accurate measurement and assurance of this minimal thickness have been problematic for the industry, especially at the edges of the cells. Various factors such as viscosity, surface tension, curing behavior, edge curvature, and the spray pattern of the coating gun contribute to these challenges.

Previous approaches attempted to measure the coating thickness on the side faces of the cells, hoping for a correlation with the thickness at the edges. However, recent studies have shown that the correlation is weak due to the aforementioned variables. Moreover, the position of the minimum thickness along the edges is not consistent, necessitating a spatial approach to measuring the coating thickness.

To address this need, coatmaster AG introduces the revolutionary coatmaster 3D non-contact coating thickness measurement system. This state-of-the-art tool utilizes advanced ATO technology to provide spatial measurements of coating thickness across all side faces and edges, inline and in a fraction of a second. It ensures uniform thickness throughout the cell, marking a significant advancement in the prismatic battery cell production landscape.

Multiple initiatives are already underway to replace previous inadequate measurement technologies with the innovative coatmaster 3D solution. In a remarkably short time, coatmaster 3D has become the new industry standard.

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