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Wireless Charging Company InductEV Granted Three New Patents

InductEV's technology innovations improve the practical application of on-route wireless charging for battery-electric commercial transport.

Michael C. Anderson

December 10, 2023

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InductEV ground assembly and bus
Closeup view of a commercial bus approaching an InductEV ground assembly.InductEV

InductEV, a developer of high-speed, high-power wireless charging systems tailored for the commercial transport sector, the company announced in December the acquisition of three additional patents from the US Patent Office. This brings the total patent count to an impressive 18, with an additional 23 currently pending.

These latest patents underscore InductEV's focus on practical application development, driven by insights gleaned from real-world commercial experiences with global fleet owners and operators. In a news release, Tony Calabro, the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer at InductEV, emphasized the direct correlation between these new patents and the company's dedication to continuous improvement.

One of the notable patents introduces an innovative concept known as "Strategic Opportunity Charging" for taxi queues. In this paradigm, idling vehicles capitalize on discreet wireless power transfer stations set into the pavement of each queue, recharging their internal battery packs. This groundbreaking approach transforms the traditionally unproductive waiting time into a strategic and efficient endeavor, with successful implementation witnessed in a taxi fleet in Gothenburg, Sweden. As the landscape evolves towards autonomous taxi vehicles, wireless charging emerges as a pivotal element for sustained market growth.


Another patent unveils a novel air-cooled subsurface vault for wireless power transfer systems, featuring bi-directional airflow facilitated by strategically positioned grates. This design not only enhances energy transfer efficiency but also ensures greater system reliability, eliminating the need for power electronics cabinets on-site—a development of significance for streamlined infrastructure.


The third patent addresses passive arc detection and mitigation in wireless power transfer systems, underlining InductEV's commitment to safety and technological excellence, a crucial aspect in the ever-evolving landscape of advanced technologies.

Calabro credited valuable insights gained from the extensive installations of their wireless charging technology across North America and Europe. Expressing gratitude for over a decade of dedicated research and development, he highlighted the tangible results reflected in both patent awards and the rapidly accelerating commercial adoption.

Formerly recognized as Momentum Dynamics, InductEV has reached a noteworthy milestone by delivering over 1.5 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy to customers across the U.S. and the EU through its robust wireless charging network—an accomplishment that translates to saving an impressive 650 metric tons of CO2. This achievement not only underscores the company's technological prowess but also positions InductEV as a key player in shaping the future of wireless charging technology within the commercial transport sector.

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