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Empowering Energy: Women’s Growing Role in the Battery Industry

Trojan Battery Co.’s Jane Ito offers advice to battery-industry women striving to grow their careers.

Jane Ito, VP of Marketing

May 22, 2024

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Women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, though it is improving. Hinterhaus Productions via Getty Images

International Women’s Month was celebrated back in March. However, the role women play in all industries—including battery—has an impact 365 days a year. Female voices continue to grow stronger, even in technical industries, where their numbers are small. While gains are being made, women still face challenges, several of which were discussed during a recent roundtable hosted by C&D Technologies and Trojan Battery.

The roundtable featured a panel of women at all stages of their careers and in a variety of roles throughout the organization. The goal was to share experiences and best practices so women can uncover growth opportunities, achieve professional success, and continue to push progress.

Women’s roles and representation is always a focus in technology-based industries, including the battery market. Women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, though it is improving. According to the Global Gender Gap Report (2023) published by Society of Women Engineers (SWE), women comprise only 29.2 % of the STEM workforce, up less than 2% since 2015.

Creating opportunities for women

Increasing the number of women in the battery world can be achieved by having greater representation in senior-level positions, providing young female professionals with role models. The SWE report found that only 12.4% of C-suite executives in STEM-based companies are women. To grow their careers, women in attendance were encouraged to focus on the following:  

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  • Set Your Path—Women need to set clear professional and personal goals and share them with others. It is a powerful strategy for success. By articulating their aspirations, women take ownership of their trajectory, actively shaping their futures.

  • Never Stop Learning—Cornerstones of success for women are continuous education and personal growth. The mantra of not being afraid to try new things echoes throughout their journey, instilling a spirit of resilience and adaptability. Women who take this approach not only achieve professional success, but they also serve as role models for others.

  • Be Confident—Recognizing challenges as opportunities and tackling them with confidence and resilience fosters leadership qualities that will help increase the percentage of women in a corner office. Women are encouraged to be confident in themselves and their abilities.

  • Manage Effectively—The importance of delegation cannot be underscored enough. Assigning tasks appropriately allows for more efficient workflow and prevents burnout. Collaboration and teamwork have emerged as crucial components of success.

  • Network—Women are urged to cultivate professional relationships and pursue opportunities for growth. Attending industry networking events with purpose and intentionality ensures that these gatherings are platforms for career advancement and development. Organizations such as the Battery Council International (BCI) and the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) provide networking events, conferences and resources for women (if IPAF is a woman focused networking group) to build relationships and stay current with industry trends. 

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  • Achieve Work-Life Balance—Managing professional responsibilities with personal obligations can be done, but it demands deliberate effort and conscious choices. Women can work more efficiently by prioritizing commitments and being flexible with work hours when possible.

  • Powering Down—In a world dominated by digital connectivity, there is importance in disconnecting from work. Prioritizing projects, recognizing stress signals, and seeking guidance when overwhelmed are essential practices. With a refreshed body and mind, women can be punctual and better prepared to work with coworkers and customers, reflecting a commitment to professionalism and reliability.—do you think this is important? Maybe we drop this one?

  • Work Smart, Not Just Hard—A paradigm shift is evident in the perception of work ethic. Asking for assistance is now a demonstration of strength and resourcefulness. Women can own their careers by taking control and actively pursue growth opportunities.

Making strides

Through shared experiences, invaluable insights, and a collective commitment to growth and resilience, women are paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future. They cannot do it alone, however. Organizations must proactively and deliberately focus on hiring, nurturing, and growing women in the workforce. The industry must also play an active role.

To that end, leaders in the battery market are committed to creating avenues to attract more women professionals and help them succeed. For example, BCI launched Women in the Global Battery Industry in 2021. The group’s mission is to help women further their careers through relationship building and professional development.

Women have made sizeable contributions and served as instruments of change in the battery world. Industry organizations and market leaders should focus on creating additional avenues for women to rise and succeed. Not only will organizations see an increase in productivity and enhanced collaboration but will also be creating role models for future generation of female professionals inspired to do more, learn more, and achieve more.

About the Author(s)

Jane Ito

VP of Marketing, C&D Technologies / Trojan Battery Co.

Jane Ito is a dynamic business and community leader renowned for her expertise in developing and leading teams to achieve outstanding results. As the Vice President of Marketing for C&D Technologies and Trojan Battery Co., she is instrumental in breathing life into the company brand and products through award-winning marketing campaigns that are both innovative and engaging. Jane's passion for empowering women in technology is evident through her active participation in panels, book club discussions, networking events, and her role in spearheading a corporate-wide women's networking group at C&D Trojan. Her dedication to advancing diversity and inclusion within the industry serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring professionals.

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