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An Interview with Giulia Cairo, Communication Manager at RGM S.P.A. ahead of the Italian power systems company’s first visit to The Battery Show Europe.

November 3, 2021

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The project, in collaboration with the University of Genova, had the goal to refit an ancient typical Italian boat by providing a low-carbon, Hybrid Diesel-Electric powertrainRGM

Battery Technology Staff

Electronic systems company RGM S.P.A. was founded in Italy in 1986, dedicated to the production of power supplies.  Since then RGM has expanded its product offering, specializing in the creation of complex custom systems for power conversion for a wide range of applications in transportation, hybrid systems, and energy storage, industrial and medical markets. 

RGM power units (PSUs) are designed and manufactured to be integrated into a customer’s final device. The company provides turn-key solutions, supporting the client on every project step.

RGM will be an exhibitor at The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe in Stuttgart, Germany from November 30th through December 2nd. Battery Technology had an opportunity to speak with Giulia Cairo, Communication Manager at RGM to find out their interest in being part of the show.


Battery Technology:  RGM will be an exhibitor for the first time at The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart. Can you explain the reasons for this choice?

Giulia Cairo:  RGM has been developing Power Converters since 1986—always aiming to provide cutting-edge and innovative products and services, above market expectations. RGM has always positioned itself as a technological partner to leading companies. We think the future is in the electrification/hybridization and state-of-the-art technology Power Converters are strategic devices for the booming electrification of everything. What better opportunity for RGM?

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We consider this event to be the right place to catch that opportunity, to show our products, and to meet relevant decision-makers and influencers from important companies.


BT: What message do you want to communicate to visitors?

GC: We want to say that RGM is an absolute important technological partner, supported by a unique know-how in the field of Power Converters. RGM is looking for partnerships with major companies, who want to step ahead and above the competition, which need to invest in their leading role and will be interested in RGM as a technology booster partner to lead and win this race.


BT:  That’s a strong message, how do you work with your partners?

GC: RGM has been developing innovative products for 35 years, we are used to dealing both with designing and manufacturing high-level power converters and with challenges from emerging markets. We started in the medical and industrial sectors, then we approached the telecom and railway sectors.

Recently, RGM has invested in the development of new generation technologies for the electrification market, resulting in significant performance improvements. We are a market technology leader in full digital high-frequency switching (>50kHz) technologies with either FET, IGBT, or SiC with very high efficiencies, smaller in size and lighter in weight, with different cooling options like water, air, convection, or heat pipe cooling.

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RGM has already won several projects from market leaders with this new future-ready system architecture and is scaling up into mass production as one of the market innovators capable of volume series production as well.

Being protagonists of important developments alongside leading companies—which we would like to thank—has made us aware that what we say can be done.


BT: Which products will you present?

GC: RGM will show a mix of series production units, industrialization phase, and a very interesting "concept" for the future linked to Fuel Cells. In the coming weeks, we are posting a series of ad hoc presentations aimed to create interest and curiosity around them. We hope to capture the attention of many operators in the sector. Stay tuned on our social media. Linkedin url: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rgmspa/mycompany/?viewAsMember=true


BT: What do you think will be the future of Power Converters and consequently of RGM?

GC: The pioneering phase is over; we expect exponential growth in the use of Power Converters almost everywhere, and a consequently huge demand by industry worldwide.

At RGM we have great ambitions; to achieve the growth expectations in the coming months we will choose very carefully the projects and the partners in order not to disperse our technology in a thousand streams. We want to identify a limited number of excellent partners with whom we can stay together for a long time.


RGM S.P.A. will be at The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe at Booth 4-266.

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