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Anovion Technologies: Job Creation and U.S. Battery Leadership

Anovion’s CEO gives insights about their strategic expansion efforts poised to revolutionize the industry with strategic expansion and local job creation.

Maria Guerra, Senior Editor-Battery Technology

July 18, 2023

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Eric Stopka, CEO of Anovion.Courtesy of Anovion.

Anovion Technologies is a climate tech-driven advanced materials company at the forefront of clean energy innovation. Anovion is making significant strides in producing synthetic graphite anode materials for lithium-ion batteries, and Battery Technology talked to Eric Stopka, CEO of Anovion. Here are our findings:

Anovion’s new manufacturing facility

The company announced a plan to build a new manufacturing facility in Georgia that will initially produce 40,000 metric tons of synthetic graphite anode materials annually. The timeline for achieving total operational capacity is expected to be late 2025, coinciding with the completion of the 1,500,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.


“The company expects to create approximately 400 high-quality local clean energy jobs. Anovion will also begin the hiring process in late 2025 and is excited about Georgia's strong pipeline of technical workers,” said Eric Stopka, Chief Executive Officer of Anovion.

The selection of Georgia for the expansion site is attributed to several factors. The state provides existing and planned proximity to low- and carbon-free energy sources, access to rail infrastructure, a highly skilled workforce, and a business-friendly environment. Anovion sees Georgia as part of a green energy corridor focused on job creation, community development, and investment in people.

Quality and consistency of its synthetic graphite products

Ensuring the quality and consistency of synthetic graphite products is a priority for Anovion. The company has gained qualification for electric vehicle (EV) applications and began commercial production in early 2021. Stopka claims that Anovion employs innovative, sustainable, and technologically advanced manufacturing processes. The new manufacturing facility in Georgia will utilize state-of-the-art processes and proprietary furnace technologies, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the facility will leverage the decarbonizing energy mix in the Southeast to enhance sustainability further.

Securing a domestic source for critical materials

Anovion's expansion efforts extend beyond Georgia, including the Anovion Center of Excellence (ACE) in Sanborn, New York, and a hydro-powered manufacturing facility near Niagara Falls. These expansions are significant in Anovion's overall business strategy and its goal of securing a domestic source for critical materials required for US lithium-ion battery production.

Anovion received a substantial grant totaling $117M from the US Department of Energy to scale production capacity and construct the factory in Georgia. Anovion aims to boost manufacturing capabilities and contribute to the domestic battery supply chain by investing in these expansions. Stopka explained: “The synthetic graphite that Anovion produces is used in lithium-ion batteries powering the electric vehicles on the road today, as well as energy storage systems, personal e-mobility, medical devices, military and aerospace, and other industrial applications – all items that play important roles in the efforts to decarbonize the economy through electrification. These investments will boost Anovion’s manufacturing capabilities and further the company’s goals of securing the domestic battery supply chain.”


Anovion’s innovation and production capabilities

According to Stopka, Anovion brings several advantages to the US lithium-ion graphite anode battery materials industry regarding innovation and production capabilities. Anovion's in-house testing capabilities enable them to understand the impact of manufacturing parameters and methods on battery performance, allowing for continuous innovation and improvement.

“Anovion has the in-house capabilities to perform end-to-end testing, allowing the company to go from raw materials to a finished battery and understand how the manufacturing parameters and methods impact battery performance. Other manufacturers would have to take the product elsewhere to be tested,” highlighted Stopka.

Maintaining the competitive edge of the United States

By establishing a domestic source for lithium-ion graphite anode battery materials, Anovion contributes to maintaining the competitive edge of the United States in this critical aspect of battery technology. Stopka continued: “Historically, much of the graphite that the US has relied on for lithium-ion batteries has been produced overseas. Anovion is committed to changing that paradigm, especially as demand continues to grow, driven by increasing consumer demand for EVs and other electrified applications and government policies, like the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act, to increase investment in a clean energy economy.”

The company is also a founding Battery Materials & Technology Coalition (BMTC) member. “This industry group unites a common voice for the upstream battery supply chain in North America, advocating for significant investments and smart policy to foster and strengthen a sustainable domestic industry,” concluded Stopka.

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