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11 Exciting eVTOLs Ready to Take Off

IN July, 2022, aerospace motor and controller supplier Evolito bought the assets of aerospace battery maker, Electroflight. Evolito's announcement of the acquisition was accompanied by the above illustration of how the combined assets could be put to use in eVTOL design and production.
Battery-powered electric Vertical Take-Off & Landing (eVTOL) craft are lifting off of sketchpads and flying into production to redefine mobility and sustainability.

Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft are a relatively new type of aircraft that have been garnering significant attention in recent years. As the name suggests, eVTOLs are electrically powered aircraft that are capable of taking off and landing vertically, making them suitable for use in urban areas where conventional runways are not available.

The commercial applications for eVTOLs are varied, including cargo delivery, emergency medical assistance, and sport and recreation. And, of course, passenger service: it’s already been well over a decade since the aviation industry began talking about the potential of “air taxi” services, with small VTOLs creating a niche falling between a commercial charter flights and, say, an Uber ride. In fact, Uber had invested in the technology by way of its Uber Elevate division, which it has since (in 2020) sold to Joby Aviation, featured in this gallery. As we’ll see, many eVTOL startups are interested in this niche becoming a reality.

Given the growing popularity of the technology, the market is starting to see itself inundated with new competitors—all offering novel designs. In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the most notable eVTOLs gaining attention in the market.

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